With the ministry growing so are the needs. It always seems that the needs are growing much faster than the ministry but the Lord has truly blessed me giving me peace that He will provide for all our needs. Recently I have to admit I had doubt for a couple of days of how the Lord would take care of all these needs and I was ashamed that I would doubt Him: the one who has provided for this ministry and my family from the beginning without fail. He has never, never failed me. As I prayed though this doubt He spoke to me though John the Baptist in Matthew. John who had seen Jesus, heard God’s voice, saw the Holy Spirit descend upon Him and proclaimed him as the Messiah had doubts. This comforted me in many ways, one that he has seen Christ and I have not physically seen Him and he had doubts and two that he was secure enough to admit his doubts to his disciples. I learned also that when we have doubt we go to Jesus for the confirmation that He is the Messiah and that He is our provider. ” I have been learned from working in Haiti especially that the Lord will get done whatever He wants done with or without me and it will be on His timing. All these needs will be taken care of and all the visions He has given me will be done. All I have to do is put myself on His schedule and not mine, then I have that perfect peace.

TEM Third Annual Appreciation Dinner October 16, 2009
TEM Bargain Sale October 3, 2009