Got up to an early morning as usual and why? To go eat, of course! It was the Men’s Greasy Breakfast, as they call it, but there was some good stuff like fruit and so on. It was another great time with the men of the church where we could talk and enjoy a big breakfast. Afterward Jerry interviewed Joe Perkins with Sustainable Food Production and Joe told us about the work that the Lord has him involved in in Mexico, Honduras and Haiti. Then he interviewed Allen with Thirst No More Ministries and Allen told us that they are about getting clean water to people in areas around the world. He especially talked about the Sudan. They need support to drill and maintain wells. It is so encouraging to hear of the mighty things our Lord is doing all around the world using ordinary people who are obedient to the call.

Later on that evening I was invited to meet at John & Doris Hylton’s house for dinner where several people were invited for dinner to meet me and learn more about TEM. After dinner we sat around in the living room and I explained what TEM is all about and what the Lord has had us do and where He will be taking us next. Again the love that was showed me could only come from brothers and sisters in Christ.

October 12, 2008
October 10, 2008