Light Of Hope Learning Center – Day 1

Today we got to sleep late! We left the hotel around 9:00 a.m. to visit the Light of Hope Mission Learning Center that Vijay is in charge of. Each year, the center teaches and trains about a dozen young men from local villages. They are accepted not on their academic ability, but rather their desire and willingness to learn. These young men receive the equivalent of three years worth of college in one year. Upon completion of the training, they return to their respective villages to teach and share the Gospel. The Learning Center is currently working with the 4th group. We were welcomed by about 60 young men, many of which were graduates of the previous groups but others were local missionaries. We had met some of these men two years ago on a previous visit and were glad to see and hear of their progress.

The team had an awesome day as we shared with these men about the wonderful things the Lord has done in our lives and how he has pulled us out of the darkness. They listened intently from 10:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. as we told them of how Christ has impacted our lives. We had a couple of tea breaks and lunch during that time. When we finished, we asked them to share their testimonies and how their lives were similar to ours. Through this they were able to see that it doesn’t matter whether you are an American or Indian; we are the same. We all have the same sins, and there is only one answer, Jesus Christ.

As I was listening to these young men I could see one area in which our churches are failing. We are failing to produce disciples. Sure we have discipleship training classes but does anyone ever really go out and disciple? We study books like Experiencing God, but do we experience God? Who is taking the people out to knock on doors, and who is showing them how to share their faith, to overcome their fears? Who is taking the people to experience God? We are not going to experience God sitting in a pew.

Tomorrow we will be going back to teach at the Learning Center once again.

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October 2, 2007
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