A Medical Clinic And VBS In A Voodoo Village

It was another adventurous day with our Lord; since the time I was saved, I’ve always said that walking with the Lord has been an adventure. Will led us in the morning devotion, we loaded up the truck, and then we were off to take a medical team into the Voodoo village, as well as to lead a VBS for the kids there. Now I’m not saying we are the only medical team and VBS team to have gone into a Voodoo village in Haiti, but I have never heard of one. This is the third team to have gone into this village, and Daniel, the Voodoo priest, welcomed us into his village. The huts have demonic artwork on the walls as you can see in the pictures. We set up the medical clinic, and the people were much more orderly than the people were at the church. The people in the village have a respectful fear of Daniel.

With the help of some of the guys, Kathy set up VBS right in front of the Voodoo temple. She shared about Christ with the kids, and with the help of others on the team, led the kids in making foam artwork and fans and singing songs. The kids really look forward to the teams coming each time. I truly believe that one day, by us showing the love of Christ, Daniel and his people will come to the Lord, but only as long as we are persistent in showing His love.

We closed the clinic about 11:30 a.m. and it immediately started pouring down rain (God’s timing is perfect, isn’t it!). Daniel walked us back to the truck and shook hands with each of the team members. We all got soaked on the way back to the home base, but it just didn’t seem to matter to us.

After lunch we started up the clinic at the church again and people were already waiting on us. At 2:00 Pastor Chuck and George held a class for church members wanting to grow in Christ. I was surprised to see that although this was the first class like this, over 20 people attended. During this time, Betty, Kathy, Kenny and Jimmy (an interpreter) went out to do some hut-to-hut visiting. They spent a lot of time with another Voodoo priest in the area.

I believe that every time we come, if we continue to show the Haitian people that Jesus loves them, the Holy Spirit will convict them.

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November 8, 2007
November 6, 2007