The Lord continues to bless us as we do His work in Haiti. This morning we went and picked up Carol Ann, George’s wife, at the bus station. She took a bus for about 12 hours to come down and work in the clinic with us. This is not an air-conditioned bus, and they are the roughest roads you can imagine. We took her to get some rest as we finished up the last minute shopping for the team.

The team came in right on time, which is very unusual, and we got to Dottie’s in time for dinner at 5 p.m. We had a wonderful dinner and then went over the rules of the house. Tomorrow we will go to a local church here in Port-au-Prince and then head up to Z’Orangé.
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The team arrives at the Port-au-Prince airport.
Loading the truck

November 2, 2008 Church in Port, Then Off to Z'Orangé
October 31, 2008 Final Day of Preparation