We started our day with an American breakfast of pop tarts, cereal and milk. Of course we old guys had to have our coffee. After breakfast Ken led our devotion and Clint gave his testimony. Then we made our plan for the day, praying it was God’s plan.

VBS started at 9 a.m. with Ken, Clint, Adam, Matt and Brittany, and Simeon and Jimmy interpreting. They had about four sessions that lasted till about 12 noon. They had a great time telling the children about the events of the Bible. They found out that they really loved the drama skits they did. They really liked it when Matt pretended to beat up Adam in the Good Samaritan story.

Will and I went with Pastor Harry (Haitian) and Pastor Wisney (Haitian) hut-to-hut. The Holy Spirit is filling this valley. We no more got out of the gate and met a man that had been working in his garden and asked him if he was converted (that is how you ask if they have accepted Christ in Haiti). He said no and he would not do that today. People are no different if it is in Haiti or America; they will do it someday as if they know when they are going to die. We talked with him about a half hour and then the next thing we know he is on his knees saying the sinner’s prayer. God is so good. Next we went to a house where a lady had 8 children that she is taking care of by herself; her husband had left her. After telling her about Christ and how important it was for her to get the children in church she also came to her knees accepting Christ. She said she and her children could not come to church because they had no shoes. I sent one of the Haitian men to a market that was not to far away to purchase sandals for the family so they could come to church. We also brought them some food. We then came to a hut where a man was similar to the first man we met that said he knew about Jesus but he would not accept Jesus today. Again after about half an hour he was on his knees accepting Jesus. What a wonderful morning we had in the Lord!

As we returned the VBS team was finishing and we had a lunch of ham or turkey and cheese sandwiches and Pringles with juice. Then we discussed our morning with joy in what the Lord had done.

When lunch was over we rested awhile and then we split up in teams going hut-to-hut; Will took Clint, Adam & Matt with Pastor Harry as the interpreter and I took Ken and Brittany with Pastor Wisney as our interpreter. Each team had marvelous stories of how people accepted Jesus when they returned.

Pastor Harry preached tonight and God had a God-size surprise for us; a voodoo priest came into the church and gave his life to Christ. We have had church from last Sunday to Thursday and now from Sunday to Tuesday and have had a voodoo priest every night except one. I have never seen the Holy Spirit move as I see it here. As I spoke to the voodoo priest by the name of Ocean (O ce an) he told me that he had done many terrible things and he did not want to do them anymore and said the only reason he had been doing them is because he had to send his children to school and he doesn’t know any other way but he wants give it up and let God do what He will do. We are going to talk with him in the morning to encourage him and see how we can help him. It was an Awesome Day. Halleluiah!!!! Halleluiah!!!!! Halleluiah!!!!!

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April 1, 2008
March 30, 2008