The Voodoo Village

Today was a day of excitement of the unknown. We went into the Voodoo village of Daniel, who is the head Voodoo Priest in this area. We have been talking with Daniel for about three years and I believe one day he will give his life to Christ. Last November he allowed us to take a medical team into his village and share the Gospel with his children. In his village, there are at least 50 people, not counting the people in the surrounding area, who he has great influence over. This is the first time that I have known of in Haiti that a Voodoo Priest has allowed this. I have been coming to Haiti for eight years and made thirty-nine trips and I’m not saying this has not happened, I’m just saying I have not seen it or heard of it. Today this youth group was the second team to go into the village. We were welcomed by Daniel and he allowed our youth team to share the Gospel and create arts and crafts. It was a great day shining the light of Christ into the darkness.

After lunch, Bro. Will took Nadine and some of the youth. (Luc, Annie, Rebecca, Summer, Gordon & Mica) to go to the Market that this area has once a week. It is a good hour away, up in the mountains. This is where people sell their goods (beans, rice, goat, chickens, etc.). What was really wonderful was that Luc lead a Haitian lady to Christ with the help of an interpreter on the way.

Pastor Bill continued his Discipleship training at the church and the Haitian men never tire of asking questions. He is doing a wonderful job that is so needed here.

The last night of the revival was preached by Bro. Will and it was filled with praise and worship. I truly believe the Haitian people would worship every night if we were here. We will miss them as I am sure they will miss us.

Tomorrow we will take the truck ride down the mountain to stay at a mission house called CSI in Port-au-Prince.

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March 30, 2007
March 28, 2007