A Visit to Jerusalem Two

After breakfast we took off up the mountain to Jerusalem Two Church. This is the mission church of the Jerusalem Baptist Church in Z’Oranges. The first forty-five minutes are straight up a mountain and we had to take many rests. You think you are not going to make it but then it levels off and there are only a few hills after this. It only took us a little over two hours and we were met on the path by a reception party from the church. A group of about 15 people with a drum and an instrument that sounds like the old wash board greeted us and walked with us singing all the way to the church. They were singing praises to the Lord. We had a church service and the congregation sang many songs for us. In return, the youth sang a song for them. Bro. Chuck and Pastor Bill gave some words of encouragement and Bro.Will closed in prayer.

As you will see in the pictures of Jerusalem Two, it is only a thatched roof with some posts holding it up. Because of this team, they are going to be able to buy some tin and some concrete so they can have a roof that doesn’t leak and some real posts put into the ground with concrete. They later on, they will be building their church out of the surrounding rock on the side of the mountain.

After returning, the whole team was pretty tired so cold showers felt good. We had a Haitian meal that was absolutely delicious. It consisted of goat, rice and beans with the special red sauce, fried bananas and Haitian french fries with a dash of American Coke and Pepsi.

Bro. Will preached another powerful message in the evening and again we heard many Haitian songs and the youth sang again for the congregation.

Tomorrow we will be going to the Voodoo Priest’s (Daniel) village to do VBS.

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March 29, 2007
March 27, 2007