The First Day in Z’Oranges

Today was the first whole day in the village of Z’Oranges. We started out with a healthy American breakfast of pop tarts and juice, and we were on our way. Bill and most of the youth started VBS at 9 a.m. and they had about 4 groups of 25 to 30 children. It was a great time for the youth as they sang and made crafts with the kids and Pastor Bill told them about Jesus. The rest of the youth took off with Will Tiller going hut-to-hut sharing the Gospel with whoever they ran across, leading some to Jesus and inviting others to Church.

Tonight was a great night in the church. The youth sang and Pastor Bill shared a powerful message to an almost packed church. Everyone listened intently as Bill preached from Colossians. Praise God, there was no rain so many people came. Tomorrow we will have about the same schedule and on Wednesday we will hike up to Jerusalem Two Church, which is nothing but a thatched roof on some make-shift posts, which are tree limbs. This is about a three hour hike. They are so excited we are coming. Then on Thursday we will be going to Daniel’s (Voodoo Priest) village. He is allowing us to come in and teach VBS to his children. Hallelujah! It is an exciting time here in Haiti.

As we are going to sleep tonight, we can here the Voodoo drums in the mountains.

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March 27, 2007
March 25, 2007