Travel Day

The youth team arrived on time from Ft. Lauderdale into Port-au-Prince, Haiti, and I picked them up in our 2½-ton truck that the Lord delivered to us just in time. We left the airport and stopped to eat some lunch (Haitian chicken sandwich) before we were on our way. The youth enjoyed the rough ride up the mountain and we arrived in Z’Oranges at 2 pm. It poured down rain that night and it was so loud in the church, because of the tin roof, that we could barely hear anything. Not many people came to church because of the rain. However, there were some who had walked over two hours to see us. It was a good night, especially for sleeping, for some of us. Some had a little trouble with the strange sounds, such as roosters crowing all night, donkeys, dogs and someone snoring (can’t tell you who).


March 26, 2007
March 22, 2007