Another blessed day by our Lord; He truly is so, so Awesome! We had a very relaxed day of gathering a few more groceries, buying some tarps and exchanging some more money before the team came in.

The team was actually only a few minutes late, and it was a smooth transition from the airport to the truck. Sometimes it can be a little chaotic. We had a nice ride through the city to Dottie’s without too much traffic. We arrived at Dottie’s and she had a wonderful dinner (chicken with rice and sauce, salad, fresh tomatoes and a pie for desert) ready for us) There is a group of ladies here who are just delightful. They work in the school that Dottie helps run. They drafted Allie and Betty to help them with their school projects for the next day. There is nothing greater than meeting other brothers and sisters in Christ on the mission field. You already know each other because we have the same Father.

We are all settled in now and will be leaving tomorrow to pick up our interpreters and head to the village of Z’OrangĂ©. We are all so excited to see what our God is going to do. Please be praying for the Holy Spirit to fill us and this valley as never before. This will be the last entry till next weekend. No internet, no electricity, no running water, no inside bathroom, and no communication, except with our Lord.

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March 23, 2008
March 21, 2008