Karl, Joshua and I left about 7:30 a.m. and began our day by exchanging more money and retrieving the truck to go and pick up all the food supplies for the conference. Then we bought supplies for the shade house. After this we had another pick up. A friend of mine named Jeff from BuyA.org, who I meet here in Haiti in November, had called me and told me he had some food from Feed My Starving Children that he had brought in with a container and that he would share some of his food with us to feed the elderly and children in Z’Orangé. There are still many people that are suffering from the floods caused by Hurricane Noel when it hit the Z’Orangé area in November. There were over 29 people who died and over 300 huts which were either destroyed or damaged. This food is a life saver. Thank you, Jeff and BuyA.org, if you read this. When we finished loading the 33 boxes of this food, we took off for Z’Orangé at around 12 noon. The Lord absolutely redeemed the time for us because we made it up there and back to CSI, along with stops at two different ministries on the way, all in six hours. Again we missed supper but they saved it for us. God was so, so good to us today. We got more done than I ever thought we would. But that is the way He is, isn’t He?

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March 21, 2008
March 19, 2008