Equipping the Saints:

Within the week the 2016 Pastors Conference begins, March 21-23. This is a very exciting time for the pastors. We are blessed to have Pastor Jeremy Gates from Wright Baptist Church of Fort Walton Beach FL, Pastor Lonnie Wesley III of Greater Little Rock, Pensacola FL, Pastor John McInnis from Navarre Baptist Church, Navarre FL, and Pastor Jesse Nelson of Macedonia Mission Church in Panama City FL, teaching the conference.

​Of all the missions we do in Haiti, I believe that the importance of equipping the local pastors is at the top of the list. The conferences have a real impact on the local communities, as these pastors go back to their churches with more knowledge of how to proclaim Christ. Everything is expensive in Haiti; below is a list of some of the items needed for the conference and their cost:

  • Notebooks – $4 each, total $280
  • Bibles – $7 each, total $490  
  • ​Lights – $8 each, total $560
  • ​Food – $400

The total cost will be around $17​30. Please at least say a short prayer asking the Lord if you are supposed to be part of Equipping the Saints in Haiti. Maybe you could buy a couple of lights, bibles, or notebooks, or help us feed and transport the pastors. If you’re not able to do any of these, please just pray that the Word will be heard and spread all throughout Haiti.

Haiti March 17, 2016
Haiti March 13, 2016