What a wonderful day in the Lord! After breakfast we went to Daniel’s village and I started teaching Chapter 17 of the Gospel of John, with Will following me with Chapter 18 and then Pastor John Renell and Pastor Fanelis split chapter 19.

When Pastor Fanelis finished we had a voodoo priest that supposedly accepted Christ last March stand up and tell everyone that he was returning the Bible that I gave him because what I told him was nonsense and that I had not given him any food but had given Daniel and John Wesley food. I let him finish and then I asked him if he had asked me for any food and, of course, he said no. I went on to explain that we must ask God in prayer when we are in need and we must let other people know our needs. I told him my job really wasn’t to bring food to the Haitian people but to bring the Gospel but I saw the need for food for them and I had to ask people in America for them so they could receive food. I told him we would come up to his house and pray for him and we would talk about the food. I also told him that I did not want anyone to let their relationship to Christ depend on what I did, that they were to depend on Christ and not Bro. Chuck. He took his bible back and sat down quietly. He left right after this. Satan tried to cause a disturbance with this episode but it backfired on him and then the most amazing thing happened. As Pastor Harry started to preach, a young man stood up and interrupted and said, “I want to be converted.” This is how I had hoped it would be, that the Holy Ghost would touch someone. It turned out this young man, by the name of Providence, just happened to be Daniel’s son. Pastor Harry prayed the sinner’s prayer with him and told him that we would talk more after we finished. After Pastor Harry finished Chapter 20 Bro. George finished up the Gospel of John. He explained to them that when they decided to accept the Lord they could go to Pastor Dorleon or Pastor John Renell to help them. Haitians believe that they must have someone of authority to lead them in prayer.

Everyone there seemed to have enjoyed the teaching and know they have no excuse. They have heard the message and we have done our job. Naturally we will be coming back many, many times to water the seeds.

After lunch we went to the voodoo priest that tried to give his bible back and he wasn’t there so we went to John Wesley’s and talked with him for a while, and he took us on a tour of his voodoo temple. We talked for about an hour about our Lord and he said he was just not ready. I told him that I pray that he will not die before he accepts Jesus because I love him and it would grieve my heart.

I preached tonight and the first part was on how Christians should behave in church. There is a problem sometimes with people talking and sleeping. I explained that was not showing God respect. After I finished with that I had a lady come up and I washed her feet as Pastor Wisney read John 13:5-17 about Jesus washing the disciple’s feet. I explained how we had to be servants to each other and that a good leader will always be a servant.

I also talked about becoming a Christian and why some people don’t. They want to take care of things first and then accept Christ or they will have to give up something. I had a great example of how you accept Christ first and then he will help you give up the things of the world. We had a man, Sylvest Bosier, come to the Lord last night after we took some food to him and his family. He is old and can’t get out to much. He is a voodoo priest. After we left he contacted the pastor and accepted Jesus. Not only did he accept Jesus, he gave all his voodoo things to the pastor and told him to show them to the church and then burn them. This was my example that he accepted Jesus first and the Holy Spirit convicted him to burn all his tools of Satan. I showed the things and we burnt them after church. Also, Providence was there.

Tomorrow we will be leaving to go to Port. We have to take Gabriel out to Love A Child, where we keep it, and go buy and pay for some cement that I ordered. I ordered it on Monday and by Thursday, when I actually got to purchase it, it had gone up 24 cents a bag; one bag of cement cost almost seven American dollars.

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June 27, 2008
June 25, 2008