Today was a great day, and God got done everything He wanted to get done. After breakfast, we exchanged some U.S. money for Haitian money and headed up to the village of Z’Orangé. We meet with Pastor Dorleon and discussed the upcoming week; food was the major topic. Thanks to Wright Baptist Church, Shalimar Baptist Church and individual contributions, we have enough money to help. We are also buying some concrete for the Jerusalem II church so they can finish their walls. We met with one of the voodoo priests, John Wesley. We missed his brother, Daniel, but left a message with his wife that we would be up Saturday and start the study of the Gospel of John on Monday and finish on Thursday. John Wesley said that he felt like six people would come from his village, and we don’t know how many will come from the other villages. All we know is that we showed up and will be teaching the Gospel of John . We will also be showing the Jesus film in the church on Sunday night in Kreol.

After returning from Z’Orangé, we went out to Love A Child where Bobby and Sherri allow us to keep Gabriel, our truck. We brought it into town so tomorrow we can load it up with supplies.

It is going to be an exciting week with the Lord. Please continue your prayers.


June 20, 2008
May 21, 2008