First Baptist Church of Batesville

Report from Brother Chuck

Will Tiller and I went to Batesburg/Leesville, SC, to visit and share with the First Baptist Church of Batesburg. Pastor Phillip McNeal allowed us to share with the Contemporary Service, the Traditional Service, and the youth Sunday School class what God is doing in our lives and Truth Evangelistic Ministry. As usual, we had a great time and the people treated us as if they had known us all their lives. This church truly showed the love of Christ to us. We hope that some of the folks will be able to go with us to Haiti one day.

I would like to thank Betty Summer (Will Tiller’s Mom) and her family for treating me like family. We stayed with Mike and Betty, and ate very well thanks to Mike. You, too, Betty 🙂
Hope you enjoy the pictures

July 8, 2007
June 5, 2007