The Trail to Zibet

We had a great breakfast prepared and served by Carol Ann, and then off we went with George to the village of Zibet. Hope Bible Church, in O’Fallon, Missouri, has a special place in their hearts for these children so I felt that we should go up and visit them and take some videos and pictures. It is about a forty-five minute to one hour hike straight up both ways. We were met by Pastor Bigel, who told us that all the crops have failed because of the drought there. The children were happy and glad to see us but there weren’t a lot of children there because they are out for the summer. We went into Marge Rouge and purchased some food for them, which Bigel will pick it up later. Tomorrow is Sunday and we will be going to church at Emmanuel Church in Nansantrain with George and Carol Ann and then we will go purchase some food for another group of children in an area called Premier Pass. This is another very poor area that has no food because of the drought. When we purchase this food we always let the Pastors know that this food comes from God because of their prayers, and to never depend upon us, but depend on God. Please pray for all these children and that God provides.

Tomorrow we will be flying back to Port-au-Prince. We will be driving down to Mole St. Nichol and taking the small plane back.

Photos in Zibet

July 15, 2007
July 13, 2007