Today was an easy day of tying up the loose ends. We had to buy a few things for the truck before Will & Josh drove it out to Global Outreach. George’s son, Austin flew in from Mole St. Nichol so he picked him up. Austin will be flying back to the States for school on Saturday. A Haitian friend of mine, Deleson, drove me out to pick up Josh & Will. Unfortunately we have a problem with the truck which really shouldn’t surprise me; it’s Haiti. The back springs on the driver’s side have moved over to rub the back wheel. The reason is that one of the leafs is broken. So I have had to find one in Haiti. We found one for $400.00. We are sending it out to Global so when the team comes in they will have to install it. After this we went shopping so George and Josh would have groceries to take home. We finished early and got home by about 3 p.m.

We had a great dinner of leftovers. Hot dog wienies with kraut, spam, vegetables and some fresh tomatoes. It was actually pretty good. We were hungry.

This will be the last entry for the trip but there will be information on the March trip coming up soon on the web site under Projects. There will be many needs but the Lord has never, never not supplied so I am excited to see how he will supply the needs this time.

January 26, 2008
January 8, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti