Today was a long but productive day. We didn’t get in till about 7 p.m. We started off with a meeting with Pastor Dorleon of Z’Oranges discussing the upcoming Pastors Conference/ Discipleship Training/Building Team/Youth Group coming up in March. After over an hour meeting I think we have most of the details worked out on paper but that doesn’t necessarily mean much, especially in Haiti. My philosophy is pray, do the best you can to prepare, show up and leave the rest to God. It seems to always work out when I just give it all to Him. After this we started working on the truck. Josh finished the paint job on the doors (see photos). It really looks good. George finished welding the gates, with all of us kind of helping or hindering, I don’t really know which. They also look great. Will and I checked all the fluids on the truck and topped them off for the trip tomorrow to Global Outreach.

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January 9, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti
January 7, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti