Today was a busy day not to get a lot done but that is the way it is in Haiti, especially in Port-au-Prince. We started by taking Josh and Will to the truck and then meeting up with them at a tire company where we bought two front tires for $700.00 American. Everything is so expensive here. While they waited on the truck George and I went to check on getting papers for the truck in his or my name. We have been working on this since March of last year. Hey, it’s Haiti! Needless to say we got nothing done as far as the papers so we came back to the shop where we are keeping our truck and started working on it. Josh did some nice artwork by putting Gabriel and TEM on the doors of Gabriel and then we helped George weld a bar across the top of the bed for the canopy. The canopy doesn’t fit exactly right so we are going to have to make it fit somehow. God will show us a way; He always does.

Tomorrow we will continue to work on the truck so we can take Gabriel out to Global Outreach Ministry for Global Compassion to pick up when they come on January 18. We will also be meeting with Pastor Dorleon to begin planning for the March trip.

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January 8, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti
January 5, 2008 Mission Trip to Haiti