Just to let you know where we are. We have an awesome God who puts His brothers and sister together for His good. Love A Child has let me know that we can cross the Dominican Border with no problem and they will help us anyway they can. Kenny Phillips from Ft. Walton, Steve Williams from St. Louis, and myself will be flying to the Dominican on Friday. We now have a contact in Dominion (praise the Lord). Darren Truel with Caribbean Missions http://caribbeanmissions.org/ who is going to help us. He is going to have some of his people meet us at the airport and drive us to his mission. What a coincidence (yea, right) that they are just an hour from the Border on the way to Love A Child. We are wiring money now for drums with diesel fuel and gasoline and he has trucks that we are going to load down with rice, beans and oil thanks to you. ” We will be taking in food and water for Dottie’s kids and people and hopefully finding Pastor Harry so we can set up some help on his church property. He probably needs gas for the generator so he can pump drinking water from the well. We hope we can also find Simon to get his family there. We have not heard from Ginette yet. Then we need to go to Z’Orange to get food and supplies there. ” We praise God for all of your prayers and support and thank God for our brother Darren helping us do our Father’s work.

Haiti Mission Trip January 24, 2010
Haiti January 13, 2010