What a wonderful weekend I had in Hartford, AL, which is only about two hours from Ft. Walton Beach, FL. There is an old saying in the South that we will treat you so many ways that you will have to like some of them. Well, I liked all of them.

About two months ago I got a call from Chris Kroll who used to attend Cinco Baptist Church here in Ft. Walton Beach, FL. He was very active in the church there and now is interim pastor at Hartford Baptist Church. Chris and I worked together in New Orleans with Chris Hughes (Salvation Ministries) feeding the people after the devastating hurricane Katrina in 2005. When Hartford Baptist Church thought about doing foreign missions we were blessed that the Lord put Truth Evangelistic Ministry on Chris’s heart and he shared this with Bruce Spivey, the Minister of Music and Adults. I met with them in February 2011 and they invited me to come and speak to their men’s group and later invited me to preach last weekend (April 10, 20ll) at Hartford Baptist Church and then speak to the men’s group on Monday night (April 11, 2011).

I arrived Saturday night and I was blessed with an apartment to stay in right across the street from the church. I want to thank Jarod & Lindsey for their kindness to let me stay there. The strange thing about their apartment was that it had University of Auburn things in the apartment and University of Alabama. I didn’t know whether to say, War Eagle or Roll Tide. Come to find out Lindsey is an Auburn fan and Jarod is an Alabama fan. You know the Lord had to put them together.

I was blessed to speak at two worship services Sunday morning and attended The Fort Rucker performance of the Living Last Supper on Sunday night. If you have never seen these performances don’t miss them.

Monday Pastor Bruce took me to play golf and was merciful to me, only beat me by four strokes. I’ll get him next time. Monday night I meet with the Men’s Ministry and we talked about the November Mission to Haiti. It seems we already have five or six men that are interested. I believe this will grow as the time comes nearer. It’s exciting to see how the Lord puts people together to do His will.

I want to thank all of Hartford Baptist Church for the love and hospitality and look forward to serving our Lord together.

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