Simon and I got up at 5:45 this morning so we could get up to Petionville to buy some Sherwin Williams paint. I put a pot of water on the stove for coffee, and I thought that would be all we would have and be on our way, but Madame Do is always taking care of us, and she had scrambled some eggs with some bread and bananas for us. After eating we took off for the city. Our getting up early paid off because there was very little traffic, and we got there just as the store was opening at 8 a.m. I had met the owner of the Sherwin Williams plant on the plane, and he told me where to go buy the paint. I have been painting with Haitian paint for years and, seriously, it takes 5 coats sometimes to cover a new concrete wall. His daughter is part owner and runs the store, and she was great. She personally took care of us and made sure we got everything we needed, with a discount.

When we finished buying the paint, we went to pay for the tile and buy some thin set. We found a driver who would load 110 boxes of tile and 70 bags of thin set, and carry it to Z’Orange, for $150. This was a deal we could not pass up–not only did it save us half a day having to go back to Z’Orange and get Gabriel (military truck), but it saved wear and tear on the truck, plus diesel fuel. We called Blanco and he rode with the men to Z’Orange.

After this, Simon and I picked up 11 more chairs (so we now have 25), and then I stopped by the house of a missionary Dottie knew to ask him about bunk beds. He has a vo-tech school for young Haitians wanting to learn carpentry. He can have the young men build nice sturdy bunk beds with 2×6’s for around $200, and that includes the delivery. The mattresses will cost about $120 each, so the bunk beds will cost about $450-$500 each, but they should last longer than I will be around. If we have the young men build them, it will help their ministry, and it will keep us from having to buy all the material, transport it, and then have to build them. I’m pretty sure this is the way we will go. I would love to have the tile down and the beds in for the two November teams–we will see if God wants that. If the Lord is talking to you about sponsoring a bunk bed, let me know; all we need is about 12 sponsors. A family could sponsor one, or a Sunday school or a church–just let me know.

Simon and I got home about 6 p.m., and we were tired and hungry–if I was hungry, I know Simon was. Some of you who travel with me know I forget to eat sometimes, and today was one of those times. Thank goodness for Madame Do’s breakfast!

Tomorrow we have to go down to the Ford place for George Truelove. He just called and said he needed a part for his truck, and I will check to see if our luggage rack for the Ford has come in.

We had a great day with the Lord; I hope you had the same. God bless.

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