Sorry I haven’t sent an entry in a couple of days; we have been really busy, and I just have not taken the time to take photos and write. We (Dominique & I) start early every morning after breakfast teaching pastors and church leaders. Bill & Joe have been installing ceiling fans–they have installed eight in the school, including one in Pastor Do’s office, which he really liked. They put in the fuse box and started the generator, and you should have seen the smile on Pastor Do’s face. When they finished with the fans, they started repairing the desks that they built last year. The kids are pretty tough on these desks, so they tightened up all the screws and added some braces. While they were doing this, George was installing ceiling fans in my bedroom and office. Bill came up with a great idea of using some of the leftover steel that we had from the mission house for the beams to mount the fans on. We then took it from there and decided to make steel studs every two feet on the concrete walls in my room and office, and buy some plywood to make a ceiling. The great thing about this ceiling is that we can use the overhead space for storage. This way we can eliminate all of our trunks (medical, tools, electrical, etc.) from being in our rooms.

Today was the last day of the conference. Everyone really enjoyed the teaching and all are hoping that Dominique comes back. They really enjoyed the Haitian Pastors’ book, and said they would like for us to continue teaching from it in the Pastors’ conference next April.

We are far beyond what I had hoped for as far as the work goes. I had hoped that we would be able to get the ceiling fans installed in the school, but the Lord has blessed us far beyond my expectations, as He always does.

I thank God every day for the Christian men and women that He has surrounded me with. As I have said many times, I am the most blessed man I know of. I want to thank you all for allowing me to spread the Good News of our Lord around the world.

Haiti Update July 8, 2011
Haiti Update July 4, 2011