Today was the first day with the team, so everything was trial and error. I walked down to the chapel where we keep Gabriel and drove it back to Dottie’s to pick up the team. Karl took part of the team and I took the other part with Gabriel to the work site. Some of the team went down to Dottie’s to help at the school. You will see the pictures of the TLC school.

When we arrived at the work site, the Haitian men were already working. We unloaded all our materials and tools and began to work. This is a great team; it is a skeleton team, but everyone is willing to work. It was great–everyone just started working together to get the job done. Usually it takes about half a day to figure out what you’re doing and what needs to be done. I always say if churches would just work the way the mission teams work, in harmony, it would be awesome.

We finished up about 3:30 p.m. so we could get back to Dottie’s for dinner at 5:00. We made it in plenty of time. Karl had to go to the airport to pick up Pastor Brad Newbold (music minister of First Baptist Church of St. Charles). His flight was on time, and they made it in time to eat dinner with us.

Tomorrow we will start with the trusses and the pews, and just pray the Lord will bless our efforts. I know He will and His church will be finished when He wants it finished. We are just going to praise the Lord each day in absolute joy.

Haiti Update January 25, 2011
Haiti Update January 23, 2011