We had a great breakfast this morning of sausage and eggs, toast, fruit, juices and milk. You can actually gain weight here if you don’t watch it.

This morning when Simon showed up, we went to see Luke, a Haitian friend of mine who works on air conditioners. We needed a can of freon put into the van to see if that would help cool it a little. It isn’t working badly, but it isn’t really hot here yet either. We met Luke about 10 a.m.; he put the freon in the van and wanted to charge me only for the freon–I couldn’t let him do that, so I gave him a little money for his labor.

Next we had to stop by Batiment (hardware store) to check on 4″ cement blocks for the bathrooms at the mission house. Praise the Lord, they had what we needed! Then we headed for Eko Depot, which is like a Home Depot; it even has all the same colors. (I have to praise my brother Karl again. He spent most of yesterday evening laying out the electrical and water systems for the mission house, and figuring out all the parts we will need–a huge job.) Thank the Lord I know a man who works at Eko Depot who speaks excellent English; he helped us with the order. They have everything we need. Now we just have to make sure we get it all on the truck next week so we will have it for February.

When we finished with this, we went out to Pastor Harry’s church in Croix de Bouquet to make sure the materials were delivered for the work that will begin there on Monday. The materials had not been delivered, so I called the company owner and explained our problem. Again–Praise the Lord!–he said he would get the materials out there today. True to his word, he had everything on the work site in just a couple of hours.

After checking our inventory, we decided to go grocery shopping for the team that is coming in. We also wanted to buy sodas and water to put in an igloo cooler for the team when we pick them up on Sunday. We found most everything we needed at the grocery.

Before we went back to Dottie’s, I wanted to get the van washed–it was pretty dirty. The Haitians use this dirty water that comes from who-knows-where; they have pressure washers on the side of the road, usually in a mud hole, so you can drive your clean vehicle out through a mud hole. Anyway, we got her washed and she looked better.

Tomorrow we will put the new air filter, fuel filter, sea foam and spark plug wires on her to see what that will do for her performance. She only quit on us once today–that is a huge improvement.

Also, tomorrow we will be picking up a team from St. Louis (Global Compassion) around 4 p.m., and they will start work on the Croix de Bouquet Church on Monday. It is an exciting time for Pastor Harry’s congregation.

Please be praying for us, there are many obstacles to overcome in the next week and a half.

Haiti Update January 23, 2011
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