Brother Chuck had issues with his camera so the photos are photos of photos 🙂

What a day! Karl and I are really worn out. We worked on the van all day. We changed the oil and oil filter, cleaned the air filter, changed the plugs, fixed the back door so it shuts now, installed the windshield wiper motor, fixed the whole cable mechanism that holds up the spare tire, cleaned all my tools and tool boxes, and did other things I can’t even remember now. It was a long day but a very productive one. We have a friend who is bringing in a fuel filter, air filter, spark plug wires and some sea foam for the fuel injectors to see if that will help. It was great to be able to do all these things. Usually I don’t have time to do any real maintenance on the vehicles.

I had a Haitian friend that went to get parts this morning and naturally they didn’t have half of them. I had told him that we needed 8 spark plugs but they did not have to be the same kind (meaning the same brand). The auto store told him they did not have any spark plugs like we needed. So when he got back I told him to take the spark plug I had and go to another store and find eight like this one. So he left and told me he could not find any spark plugs anywhere. I explained to him again that they did not have to be like the one I gave him. They had to be the same size but not the same brand. All of a sudden he got it – oh, not the same brand. When he returned he had the sack and he gave it to Karl because I was sending him on to Z’Orange to do some work. As he was walking out the gate, Karl looked in the bag and pulled out one spark plug and asked where the other seven were. He looked puzzled and asked, “What other seven?” I reminded him that I had told him I needed eight. Karl tried to explain to him what an eight cylinder was but I don’t think he got it. He has never worked on a car so how would he know? So now he has to go buy seven more spark plugs. What should have been delivered no later than 9 a.m. got to us about 2 p.m. All I could say to the young man was, “I know you’re really trying to please me and you are working hard but you need to listen to everything I’m saying, not just part of it.” As I tell this story, I know my wife is saying, “How does that feel?” I have been accused of not listening to everything Shirley tells me. I don’t recall.

Tomorrow we will be checking on Croix de Bouquet to see if the materials got delivered and going grocery shopping for the team that is coming in Sunday. It will be interesting to see how the van runs.

It was a wonderful day with The Ancient of Days and my brother Karl.

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