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Today was a very good day considering we had trouble with the van most of the day. I asked Ron about how many times we had to stop and let the van take a break and his guess was about 15 times. We made it back to Dottie’s about 7 p.m. Every hill we came to I had to cut off the engine and let it rest and then it would climb that hill and then we would have to do that for the next one. Unfortunately Haiti has a lot of hills and mountains. It is the strangest thing, it runs for about three hours no problem and then it starts to sputter like it needs air. All I have to do is cut it off and crank it right up and it runs fine for about half an hour but as the day goes on it gets worse and worse. You have to wait longer for it run any time at all. If anyone knows what this could be, please email me via the contact form. Simon came over about 7:30 and Karl and I went and picked up Ron at Dottie’s. He is here to put in a purification system for the school. We left there to go buy oil, gear oil and other auto parts to do maintenance on Gabriel (military truck). This took most of the day. We changed out the oil filters, fuel filters, bled the brakes and added to all the differential fluids. Gabriel should have been ready to go but we had some trouble with the brakes that took us about an hour to take care of. After getting Gabriel ready, we drove it to Pastor Harry’s church to leave it for the night. We will pick it up tomorrow and go out to Global Outreach to get our stuff out of the container. It will be a busy day just like today.

Haiti Update January 18, 2011
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