Today Simon and I started our day by going out to Tetayan to visit Pastor Do, and to see the new roof on the mission house. On the way, naturally, the van broke down and it took several hours for the Lord to take care of the problem, but He did as always. We then got up to Z’Orange to find out that Pastor Do wasn’t there and had gone to another church to preach so we took a couple of pictures of the mission house and headed to Croix de Bouquet (Pastor Harry’s Church). The Mission House roof looks awesome. I will be buying showers, toilets, sinks and wiring for the fans on this trip, and in February we will be installing flushing toilets – that’s right, flushing toilets and all the bathroom fixtures. On the way to Croix de Bouquet the van started sputtering and I had to pull over and let it sit for a while and then it cranked right up. It amazes me how God keeps that van running but He does, just enough to get to our destination.

When we got to Pastor Harry’s I was amazed at how much work the men had done, as you will see in the pictures. Karl and I will be getting materials delivered for the work site this week and picking up the rest of the work team on Saturday the 23rd. First Baptist Church of St. Charles is funding the church at Croix de Bouquet and Global Compassion of St. Louis is partnering with them. It was so great to see all my friends that are with Global Compassion and I look forward to working with them the week of the 23rd. Some of these men and women have been coming to Haiti for 20 to 30 years.

After talking with Pastor Harry, we went to the airport to pick up Karl Leiber and Ron Lusk, who will be staying with me at Dottie’s. The first team with Global Compassion will be staying out at Global Outreach with David and Judy Heady and then heading to the North in a couple of days to work.

Tomorrow Karl and I have a long day; we have to buy new batteries for the 2½ ton army truck (Gabriel) and oil. We are going to change all oil and fuel filters and get her running. Then we are going to stop by Pastor Harry’s and see what his needs are for the church. We are then going to David Heady’s (Global Compassion) and pick up some things for the mission house that are in a container there: generator, fans, air conditioners, etc. We hope to take all this to the mission house and on the way back pick up the tin for the roof at Croix de Bouquet. If we get all this done, it will be a great day. It is all up to the Lord. It is His day and He will get done what He wants to get done in it.

Great to be back in Haiti and it was great to see Dottie again. I am going to miss staying here when the mission house is finished but I am sure I will stop by many times.

Haiti Update January 17, 2011
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