The team started stirring around 5 a.m. today, doing their last minute packing. As they were having breakfast, I took my morning walk down to get Gabriel so I could take them to the airport. My flight wasn’t until 1:25 p.m., and theirs was at 10:15, so this worked out very well. This trip to the airport would have cost about $200.00 for the team.

After dropping everyone off, Simon and I had to go out to Pastor Harry’s church (Croix de Bouquet) to drop Gabriel off for a couple of weeks till I return. I had Jojo pick me up and take me to the Toyota place, and it was open. The lady actually had the check ready for me. I went down to the Ford place and the salesman who the owner had told me to work with was waiting for me. All the paperwork went very smoothly; they are going to try to have the vehicle ready for our February team. If they aren’t able to, that won’t really be a problem, as long as we have it for our March and April teams. They have already ordered a heavy suspension for these SUVs, also luggage rack and ‘cattle guard bumper’, as I call them. When these come in, we will need to add them all, especially the suspension.

I really can’t imagine how it will feel to be able to have confidence that when I get in a vehicle in Haiti there is a great chance that I will actually make it to where I’m going! The productivity will increase greatly. I know I spend probably 20% of my time, if not more, working on our vehicles. Some of you may know this–we spent over $5,000 on the van last year just to get it where it is today.

For the people who have read these entries and know of all the hardships we have gone through with transportation, I just want to ask you to pray to see if the Lord would want you to be a part of God’s gift to His ministry (TEM), so we can continue to spread the Good News in Haiti.

Thank you so much for all your prayers, as God has blessed us and protected us as we took His Word into Haiti.

It was our pleasure to work with First Baptist Church of St. Charles and Global Compassion to facilitate the progress of the church at Croix de Bouquet. I know the Lord smiles upon us and blesses us as we work together to achieve His will.

Last thing–but definitely not the least–I would like to thank my brother in Christ, Karl Leiber, who had the discernment that his brother, Chuck, could not take care of these teams by himself, and stepped up to help carry his cross. He is what a Christian brother is all about.


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