Hallelujah!!!! The work team got all the tin put on the roof, and there was enough. We were concerned the whole time that there wasn’t enough tin. We had already priced the tin to see how much it cost. This is not the first time that the Lord has stretched His resources for us in Haiti.

While the work team was finishing the tin John, Terry, Karl, Simon and I loaded up all the tools of Global Compassion to take out to Global Outreach to put in the container. On the way, we stopped by the Ford place again so Karl could take a look at the Ford Everest. He liked it, and I had already talked to some other board members, so I put a deposit down on it. They had said they wouldn’t have any coming in till next Tuesday, but they found one manual shift in white in stock. They said if I could put 10% down, they could possibly have it ready for me when we return on Feb. 19th. The only problem was I needed to get the refund from Toyota. I called Toyota, and the lady I spoke with told me that it usually takes 2 to 3 days, but she would try to get it for me. While she was trying, we went out to Global Outreach and dropped off the tools. On the way back, I got a call that the refund check was ready at Toyota. My only problem was I needed to get Karl back to the work site in time to take the team to Dottie’s, and then try to get to both Toyota and the Ford place before four o’clock. It was already two. The van was acting up, as usual, and it took quite a while to get to the work site, but there was a chance we could make it if we didn’t get into a lot of traffic. Bruce went with me, and we tried our best–we got to the Toyota place at 3:15, but they were already closed. We found out everybody was closing early because the election results were supposed to be announced, and with this there could be some protesting.

I just gave it to the Lord and Bruce and I headed on to Dottie’s. On the way, the van was cutting out, and I was stopping and starting all the way, and then it would not start. I got out and took a look, and by this time we had three or four Haitians around trying to help us. They always do this, trying to make a buck; they are all mechanics, but they never seem to have any tools. I cleaned the terminals and tried again—nothing. But one of the Haitians said he saw a spark, so I took the terminals completely apart, and they really needed cleaning. I put them back together and said a quick prayer that went like this: “Lord, you know we are tired and we just want to go home; please help us.” I told Bruce to get in the van–that we were going to Dottie’s. It cranked right up, and we made it with only about 6 or 7 stops. God is so, so good. It always amazes me how God uses people to help His servants; was that an angel or just a man?

I had talked to a mechanic friend of mine in Fort Walton, and he thinks the problem is in the computer on the van. He told me where it is, so when we got to Dottie’s I pulled it out to take it home with me so he can check it.

Tomorrow we will see if it is the Lord’s will for us to get the refund check or the Ford–or not. If so, we will praise the Lord–if not, we will praise the Lord.

Haiti Update February 3, 2011
Haiti Update February 1, 2011