It was amazing that the whole team made it to Haiti today. We had people flying in from Chicago, New York, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola, and St. Louis. It was snowing in Chicago, and for the last two days there has been fog in Fort Walton and Pensacola, but God made a way. There is no doubt that God wants these men here.

This team will be working on the mission house putting in toilets, showers, fans, electricity, and plumbing. But, as I have told the men, it will not all be work; we are here to listen to the Lord, have fellowship with each other, and love on our Haitian brothers and sisters. We have three men who have never been to Haiti, so we will be walking around the valley visiting. We are not going to be concerned about finishing, because there is no finish line. When we leave we are finished.

As you will see in the photo section, the first photo is me working on the van. I brought in a new computer for the van and it didn’t work, so I barely made it down to the airport and got the team back to Dottie’s. The van did stop running on a side of a hill; thank goodness George was behind me to jump me off. Now it looks like the battery isn’t being charged, so we may have an alternator problem. We will get up tomorrow and pray the Lord will show us what is wrong. I also brought in a coil and an ignition module. I’m just praying that one of these will fix the problem.

The Lord has always gotten us where we need to be when He wants us there. I’m assured He will not stop now.

Haiti Update February 20, 2011
Update from India February 12, 2011