Monday Morning

After breakfast, Cathy gave the devotion, and then the team got busy getting the medical and VBS things ready to leave by 8:30 to go to Daniel’s voodoo village. When we arrived, very few people were there, as usual. It seems they have to see us coming before they begin to come. Ken, Ginette, Laura, Ivory, Beverly, Lotta, Chuck and Will started the VBS off in front of the voodoo temple, as you can see in the pictures. It was amazing that the children were able to answer most of the questions about Mary and Joseph. They have learned about the Bible and the Bible stories after years of us coming and sharing with them. They were told the story of Jesus’ birth, and afterward they made crafts. You cannot describe the joy you see on these children’s faces as we showed the love of Christ to them.

The medical team consisted of Raina, Marilyn, Kat, Cathy, Saunders, Linda, AJ, Simon, and Pastor Lonnie; they started the clinic on the porch of Daniel’s house. People slowly began to line up, and it is amazing to see the quiet order in which they did so. Six years ago any medical clinic was total chao; we would have to stop the clinic and tell everyone to line back up before we would continue. We would have to do that several times a day, and threaten to come to a complete stop if they would not get in line. Now, because of God’s presence, there is peace and order. Our God is a God of order, and He is pushing satan out of this valley.

We finished up about 11:30 and headed back to the mission house for lunch. After lunch we are going to a new area that Pastor Do said needs help–another adventure!

Monday Afternoon

After going to Daniel’s, we returned to eat lunch and get more medical supplies for our next adventure in Tapyo, a little area Pastor Dorleon had told us about where the people needed medical attention. Pastor Dorleon had been the professor of the pastor at this Pentecostal church. We loaded everyone up on the truck and arrived at the church about 1:30, and there was no one there except the pastor. This is not unusual; as I’ve said, it seems that people don’t really believe you’re coming until you arrive. The pastor sent some of his men out into the area to tell the sick people that the clinic was open, and sent some kids out to tell the other kids that there would be VBS. Within 30 minutes, we had about 90 kids for VBS, and a line of people to see the medical team. We spent the rest of the afternoon there, until about 4:30. When we left, the pastor was almost in tears, thanking us for coming and hoping that we would return one day; I assured him that we would.

We arrived back at the mission house in time to eat and shower for church. Pastor Lonnie gave another powerful message, as always. The Americans got up and sang a song for the church–the Haitians love it when the Americans sing.

Tomorrow we will be staying here in Z’Orange for the medical clinic and VBS.

Thank you all for your prayers and gifts. You are just as much a part of the work being done here as we are. We are the body of Christ in action in prayer, giving and going.

Haiti Update April 26, 2011
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