Wednesday morning was another day of work around the mission house, with the team painting the school, working on hot water and other projects. After lunch the team played with the kids outside on and off the soccer field. The kids love the Americans, especially Kendall and Miranda. Kendall is the youngest girl to have come with TEM to Haiti; she is 7 years old. Of course, by now, all the kids know Miranda.

Last night we all went to Jerusalem IV Church, where the Haitians truly praise the Lord as they sing and dance. Naturally the Americans join right in and forget how they act in the American churches. It is so energizing to see the Spirit move in the people here as they praise the Lord in their little church made of branches and worn out tarps. Pastor Joe preached a simple but powerful message that the Haitians will not soon forget.

Today is Thursday and the team has left to go up to a small orphanage; this afternoon they will be going down to Daniel’s voodoo village. We will also be showing a Creation video tonight at the voodoo village. Again, thank all of you for your prayers and gifts that give us the opportunity to show the love of Christ in Haiti.

Haiti September 10, 2015
Haiti September 8, 2015