Chuck G and I arrived in Port au Prince Wednesday, Sept. 4, to get things ready for the team that arrived Saturday. Clint and Lisa Downing came to meet with the school administrators, the teachers, and parents of the children that are sponsored in the school. We have around 50 children sponsored now, and what a blessing it is for the parents to be able to have their children go to school. For only $25 a month you can send a child to Christian school. We believe if you want to change a country, change a child.

The other group consists of Bill Chambless, Beth Chambless, Joe Hutchison, Pat Gary, Will Tiller and Bryan Grimes. This is the construction team – except for Beth, who will be helping Clint and Lisa with the school, among other things. We are blessed to have George Truelove and Linda Blankenship with us, as well. They are full-time missionaries who work in the northwest of Haiti. George will be working with the construction team, and Linda will help at the school and will also help Ginette in the kitchen.

Everyone arrived safely here yesterday, and today we went to church; afterward, the men started the construction work in the mission house. Clint, Lisa and I had a meeting with the administrators of the school for a couple of hours, and before we knew it the day was gone. We want to thank everyone for your prayers and support of God’s ministry (TEM). We could not be here without your help.

So we, being many, are one body in Christ.   – Romans 12:5

Haiti September 9, 2013
Haiti July 27, 2013