Report by Michael Zoumberos

Today the Lord blessed us with another glorious day at the mission compound. We have lots of construction projects going on in order to grow and prosper the school here, which starts for the students on Monday. Everybody is pulling together and working hard, using their GOD-given talents and abilities in order to make the TO DO list shrink very rapidly. ALL THE GLORY TO GOD as we are getting ‘er done!


Report by Bro. Chuck

This team is nothing but awesome – if they are not working, they are playing with the kids and talking to people, showing the love of Christ, which is so much more important than anything else we can do. In just 2 days we’ve almost completely painted the school inside and out, put in 2 skylights in classrooms that were too dark for students to be able to see to read, installed 3 windows in the new section of the school, and built the faceboard to hang gutters that will catch the rain off the school into a cistern. We’ll install the gutters tomorrow. After the gutters, Joe and Bill are going to start installing the second hot water heater for the 2 showers in the mission house that don’t have hot water. It’s hard to believe how God has blessed His ministry here. I remember when there was nothing here – it truly amazes me what He has done, and all the people that He has used to further His Kingdom.

I am humbled that all of you would pray, give, and go with us to make this happen. I can never thank you enough, but I know our Lord will. God bless!

Haiti September 7, 2016
Haiti September 5, 2016