Report by Clint Downing

After a night of hard rain God gave us a beautiful sunny day today! Ginette started our day with a delicious hot omelet and coffee. Today is Harvest Day in Haiti, and we attended church at Jerusalem IV. I drove a truckload (a Gabriel truckload, that is) from Jerusalem to Jerusalem IV for the service. On this special day there was plenty of great singing, food, ceremony, and worship. Brother Chuck brought a great message. It is always a pleasure to worship with these churches and to mingle with the kids and adults. You can always find the kid who has to hold your hand or sit in your lap. I had one today who guarded my chair and ran off anyone who sat in it, including my wife Lisa. He then insisted I sit down so he could sit in my lap. It is times like these when you can understand why Jesus had such a heart for children.

As always, there were a couple proverbial bumps in the road like, Ford had to be push started, Gabriel lost his brakes, etc. We didn’t let satan steal the day though! We worked again on the school project and went to Daniel’s village. Daniel is always happy to see Brother Chuck and those he brings with him. As usual, Daniel made sure we were comfortable and we sat around and talked. Brother Chuck again talked to him about the Lord. This man knows who the Christ is. We continue to pray that he will accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. Michelen’s wife Anna is sick, so we went to visit them and the ladies prayed for her. Some of the best times in Haiti are those walking the valley and talking and praying with people.

Tonight Ginette cooked a Kreyol meal of rice and beans, fried chicken, vegetable salad, and the wonderful red sauce that I could eat 3 meals a day. What a blessing she is to Brother Chuck and the teams he brings to Z’Orange. She is a lady that loves the Lord and refuses to put herself before any team members. She has a true servant heart.

While the last couple days have been work, I consider it restful work. I suppose doing God’s work should always be restful in a way. I read something in a book today that said, “work like it depends on you and pray like it depends on God.” Thank you Lord for allowing me another opportunity to serve You in Haiti with this Godly group of men and women. Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Haiti September 3, 2012
Haiti September 1, 2012