Report by Dawn Hutchison

As our week comes to end, I sit and reflect on the many blessings we have received from our Haitian family. Yesterday we were able to visit an orphanage and listen to their beautiful voices in worship. During our walk there, we stopped along the way take in the beauty of God’s creation, something we so often neglect in our busy world.

School is beginning. Each day we have seen children arrive in their uniforms and sit in the heat to learn. What an amazing blessing to see them all line up for lunch and eat, sharing with one another without prompting.

Yesterday evening, we walked down to Daniel’s village to watch the Jesus movie. It never ceases to amaze me how everyone there knows almost every word of the movie. Our team was able to minister to Daniel and pray over him, as he has not been well. The time I have enjoyed most is the time spent outside enjoying and playing with the children, holding hands and giving hugs. We arrive thinking how much we are going to give them, but end up leaving with how much more they have given us.

I was reminded this morning in my quiet time (Colossians 3:23-24) about our investment in these children. We have such a desire to provide them with earthly necessities, that we sometimes forget that just loving them and pouring God’s love into them is the bigger investment. God didn’t create us for time, but eternity. To think that we have been given the opportunity to teach them this while we are here is overwhelming.

Haiti September 12, 2015
Haiti September 9, 2015