It’s the last day and we’re finishing all the projects and putting away the tools. It is very important for us to label all our trunks so that we know what we have and what we need. This is also very helpful for the next team.

This group has been great. They built the outdoor classroom, painted the school inside and out, repaired desks and tables, repaired the seesaw, and numerous other small jobs in the mission house. I want to thank everyone who made these projects possible. All the materials needed – lumber, tin, cement, etc. – are very expensive in Haiti. You can double the American prices, and you will be close to the cost of materials here.

After lunch today Bill, Andy and I did a little walkabout to give some food out and to take a carpenter’s plane to a Haitian carpenter here. As you will see in the photos, he was smiling from ear to ear – he kissed the carpenter’s plane, he was so happy! You can also see the tables and chairs that he makes in the photos.

What a blessing it has been for us to serve the Lord here this week.

Haiti September 13, 2014
Haiti September 11, 2014