Report by Peggy McQueen

I’m here in Haiti after 10 plus years, and what a change! I was with the first mission group to come Z’Orange. I came as a medical team member to see what it was like. There was a roof and an outhouse provided for us, that was it. It was rough, but we had such a good time, knowing we were showing God’s love. The people were so sick, so dehydrated, so full of worms, malnourished – but so kind and appreciative. There was no water, except for a creek, of course, and no electricity. God has truly been at work! There is now the church they wanted, a WELL, a school, and a mission house, all surrounded by a wall. Besides working and worshiping here, we can take Gabriel out to other villages. What a joy to serve our Lord! Keep us in your prayers – we see and feel how important prayer really is! – and look forward to us coming home on fire for the Lord. P.S. The people here are so much more healthy now, and the children get lunch at school.


Report by Bro. Chuck

What an awesome day in the Lord! This morning I took Simon, along with the little boy who is so sick, and his mother, down to Titanyen to catch a tap-tap (a truck-like taxi). Simon went to the hospital yesterday, spent the whole afternoon, and the doctor told him to come back today and they would have room to put the boy in the hospital. Simon then had to come back here last night. Today he waited all morning on the doctor, and then she told him they had no room, and to go to another hospital. She didn’t even suggest one. Simon knew of another, though, and took the little boy and his mother there. He said they were treated very well at this hospital; they treated the little boy, ran some tests, and gave him some medications. He is to take him back next Wednesday to see test results. I am so blessed to have Simon, a brother in Christ, who loves people enough to give his time to help this little child. Please be praying for this little boy.

Today the team went to a village called Palto and stayed there all day in the heat; they did not even take a break for lunch. Chuck G took sandwiches and water to them for lunch, and they continued until about 4:30 this afternoon. They saw over 300 patients, gave out clothes and shoes, and gave each family a photo of themselves with John 3:16 in Kreol on the back. This is one of the most professional and organized teams I have ever had the pleasure to serve with.

While the clinic was going on, Lew and Ed were working on chalkboards. Pastor Do came to me yesterday and said he needed 5 chalkboards, and the pastor at Jerusalem II told me he needed 3. They have known they needed these for 3 months, and they waited until school started to tell me – that’s Haiti . . . Anyway, they are almost finished. They are such a blessing.

Thank you for all your prayers.

Haiti October 10, 2013
Haiti October 8, 2013