Yesterday we went to Jerusalem IV for medical clinic. It usually takes a full day to see everyone there, but this team saw everyone in half a day – they were great! You will see in the photos the foundation for the new church building at Jerusalem IV, also a photo of Jerusalem IV Church as it is now – nothing but torn tarps with tree limbs holding them up. If the Lord puts it on your heart to help this church, the cost to finish the middle of the foundation will be $2500. Their pastor is Pastor Angelo; he truly is a young man of God. The church membership has tripled in the last 3 years.

After lunch we took a well deserved long break and then we went to the orphanage, where we always get blessed. We listened to the children’s beautiful songs, and then some of the Americans shared with them about their lives in America. We took food and cooking oil to give them, plus some dolls, bracelets and medications for Madame Jonas, who takes care of the children. We had a great day with the Lord!

Tomorrow we will rest in the Lord on a beach that is close by and enjoy His day. Thank you for your continued prayers.

Haiti October 31, 2016
Haiti October 28, 2016