I came back to Haiti on Tuesday, and today Simon and I went to Port to pick up Jerry Lantz, Karl Leiber and Dan Boyle. After we picked them up we stopped by Global Outreach, where we met Jim Wilcox, Terry Estes, and Steve Arrowwood from Global Compassion out of Missouri, who had just returned from northwest Haiti. Terry’s team will be going home tomorrow. Jerry and his group will take the truck and head to the northwest to deliver food to the children and stop off to see Chuck and Gail Guerber, who have moved to Haiti to work with Living Waters Ministry. Ken and Mary Challis are accompanying them for the first month to help them settle in. Please keep Chuck and Gail in your prayers. They are in a very desolate area in northwest Haiti, and will have many difficult obstacles to overcome.

Haiti October 25, 2014
October 12, 2014