Report by Donna Pearson

This is my first trip to Haiti. Because it is my first trip, I have been asked questions such as: “What do you think?” and “What have you seen that most surprises you?”

Here’s my answer:  I had seen many pictures and videos from the trips taken by various people and mission teams to Haiti. Although nothing can compare to actually seeing and being here, I have not been totally surprised either. Signs of poverty are everywhere and the terrain is difficult. Needs are all around, whether it be for food, clothes or medical attention. However, among all of this, we arrived to a mission house that was spotless. The linens were clean and the beds were made. We each had our own bed and space for our items. We even had the luxury of a hot shower, if we chose. We were fed 3 meals per day and had plenty of water to drink. Seriously, the team has wanted for nothing. This has all been made possible by those who have gone before us. Daily we watched Ginette cook tirelessly for the team. Even though she was having back problems, she never complained and a smile never left her face.

I watched as the interpreters worked daily with members of the team, translating information that we needed to relay, locating children, and assisting in whatever was needed. Again, serving with smiles and no complaints.

I was able to assist a team that took photos of each sponsored child. Each was given gifts from the States, and smiles were seen that words cannot describe. I watched as kids were given solar lights and saw the excitement in their faces and the appreciation for this simple gesture. These lights will enable them to complete homework. I heard stories from other team members as they were able to teach in the classroom and were told of what some kids want to be when they grow up. The hope of one day becoming doctors, nurses and teachers is possible due to the hard work of many in this ministry. Maybe one day these boys or girls will help make a significant difference in their country.

Children play with great excitement on the new soccer field provided by the labors of so many. We played games with the kids and even sang a little. The children are so affectionate and a joy to be with.

Brother Chuck and the many Haitians who assist him here work tirelessly to keep this mission going. I am sure there are days when fatigue sets in, but they are able to continue forward with God’s help. I am asking that each one who reads this please pray, not only for the Haitians in general, but remember the ones who are working every day to make a better way for each child. This includes the administration, the teachers, the interpreters, Ginette and Brother Chuck.

“But they that wait for Jehovah shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint.”  –  Isaiah 40:31 ASV

Haiti October 17 p.m., 2015
Haiti October 16, 2015