Report by Joyce

Today was the last day of our mission. We packed all our medical supplies and headed for Daniel’s (Voodoo we are told) village. We had to walk a distance from the road, through a grassy path muddied by the rain storm from the night before. This was a beautiful trail with running streams. We had to walk on a rocky knoll to get to the village. As soon as we arrived a swarm of men, women and children gathered around. One little girl attached herself to one team member and did not want to let her go.We proceeded to set up our stations to prepare for the patients, as our team’s triage area lined each one through the shady area.

We were equipped with 3 doctor stations, a pharmacy and VBS. By this time we had given out all of the gift bags, but were able to secure a few infant items. These items were given to the village leader for distribution. The patients were fielded in one by one to the doctors. No major health issues were identified; several pregnant women were seen, along with a 10-day-old infant. All villagers were given multivitamins, and a few medicines for minor rashes and such were prescribed and then filled by the pharmacy. As the patients were being seen, the ministers present took the opportunity to witness and offer Christ to the others as they sat waiting. Those that were witnessed to received Christ in the village, and the minister told them if they did not make it to tomorrow they would be with Jesus in Paradise. We experienced an overwhelming success in the village, physically and spiritually.

We packed up, made our way out – a quicker return than entry, of course – loaded on the truck and headed back to the mission house. We stopped at the site where the new medical clinic is to be built, currently a grassy field with a grazing cow. We gathered in a circle, sang, prayed and blessed God for the vision. What a blessed and fulfilled day we had, remembering the smiles on the faces of the men, the women, and especially the children!

October 19, 2013
Haiti October 10, 2013