Report by Chuck Guerber

The day started with driving to Port this morning to meet Simon and Blanco, then we headed off to Love a Child. Arriving around 9:30, we found the loading dock backed up with various ministries getting their allotment of food. When our turn came, we were greeted with many helping hands from Feed My Starving Children. They all helped load the 198 boxes with joy. Meeting Mark from Feed My Starving Children was a highlight. He has such a warm heart! We enjoyed our conversation.

Before we left, I went to Bobby from Love a Child to thank him for the food that will help feed over 400 school kids and local families that are truly in need. I guess I had a lump in my throat when I thanked him. He asked if I would give a 2-minute story for a TV show – they had a full film crew there! So that was interesting, talking to the camera. It probably won’t ever be shown, but it was fun to do!

Coming back up to the mission house was a slow, slow process. We had a lot of weight on the truck and the traffic was terrible going through Port. But traffic is always bad going through Port! We lost a couple of boxes coming up the steepest part of the mountain. The locals in the back of the truck told me to stop. No way! The truck was in second gear, just crawling up the hill – no way could we stop! Blanco jumped off and got the boxes. Once on top of the hill we had a motorcycle taxi go back and get him. We got to the mission house just before 3:00 p.m. and unloaded the food. Shortly after, the 5 guys who took food to the Northwest came back. It has been a long but God-filled day!

Haiti November 30, 2012
Haiti November 25, 2012