I arrived in Haiti on Saturday, November 19. Since then the Lord has truly blessed us, and He’s gotten everything done that He wanted done. First I met with Simon, and we decided how much food we could purchase and deliver. We buy all of our food locally at ‘mom-and-pop’ markets, which helps the economy. We were able to buy 54 bags of rice, 16 bags of beans, and 24 gallons of oil for the Haitians to cook their food with. The Haitians have asked if we could add some fish to the food distribution, so I told them that if the Lord provides–I know that He will–we will add that to the food distribution next month.

Please see in the photos some very happy carpenters. I have really taken a special interest in the local carpenters over the last couple of years. God has blessed us with the help of a friend of Bill Chambless, who refurbishes planers and old tools. We have been able to give these to the carpenters in the area. When we give them these tools, they praise God! I explain that the reason we give these tools to them is that we respect them, and God does also, for using their skills to make something with their hands. If you have any old planers, manual drills and bits, or chisels (or would like to send funds to buy sandpaper, etc.), please let me know. You will be blessed.

I praise the Lord for all of you who truly understand the needs in Haiti. I would like to thank the group of people in South Carolina who have given us enough money to build the right wall for the clinic, and supplied enough money for the left wall. Thanks to the lady in Missouri who donated enough money for the front wall, also to all of you who have given us monetary gifts to help make this clinic a reality. The Haitian people are so excited about the clinic as they pray for the day it will be open.

We also have been able to complete the purchase of the land for future missionaries’ houses. This is an exciting time for Truth Ministries thanks to all of you. We have so much to be thankful for. May you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day.

Haiti December 14, 2016
Haiti November 3, 2016