Report by Pat Gary

Day 5 – Thanksgiving  Day – We are so thankful for another day that the Lord has given us to work on His behalf and to be a blessing to His children. Dr. Anderson told us during devotion that we are giving clothes, food, shoes, medicine and photos, but if we don’t give them Jesus, are efforts are in vain. The verse John 3:16 is written in Creole on the back of each photo that was taken today; she asked us to have the people read the back and see if they understood it.

As we mounted the truck for the village, I could see the tiredness of the team, but I could see the joy of the Lord through each individual as they pushed forward to accomplish His will. Village #1, Lo’ne, welcomed us with unexpected gratitude once they realized that we came to minister and love on them. The team was in harmony and worked so well together. God’s love and peace in our souls allowed us to do just what He wanted us to do. We treated 113 people. They were so open and received the spirit that we brought with us, the spirit of LOVE. We spent the first half of the day there, and it was evident when we left that there was a deeper spirit within.

Our interpreters did an outstanding job! As the doctors asked their questions of the patients, the interpreters communicated the messages back and forward until they were totally clear.

We packed up and moved to village #2, Palto. We served 140 people there, but it looked like so many more – praise God for the strength! We set up our makeshift clinic in the school. We normally cut off about 4:30, but so many people came, we worked until after dark and finished with flashlights. The doctors would not stop until all of the patients were seen, and at the last minute a blind man came and they graciously accommodated him. I thank God for that spirit!

The pastor of the village was so thankful that he asked to pray for us – for our wellbeing, travelling mercies, and protection of God. He noted that John 3:16 was on the back of the photos and said that we were doing more than just helping. He said we were “planting the seed.” He said that many people in the valley did not know Jesus, but the verse on the photo would be a tool for them to get to know him. This was confirmation of what Dr. Anderson had spoken this morning about how the Lord was going to move in our lives today, and that is exactly what He did. It’s an honor to be a part of a blessing, while being a blessing. This can only come from our Father because our souls are at peace and our hearts are filled with joy. What an awesome Thanksgiving Day – to Christ be ALL the glory!

Haiti, Medical Update
Haiti November 21, 2012