This will be a short entry because the team has worked all day and we only have about 2 hours to clean up, eat dinner and be back at Jerusalem IV for church tonight.

It was a normal morning, with our breakfast and devotion, and then we packed up Gabriel and headed for Jerusalem IV. The medical team was there all day. Around lunchtime I brought 4 people back to the mission house to make peanut butter & jelly sandwiches for all; we picked up a 5-gallon jug of water, brought that back to Jerusalem IV, and everyone just ate as they worked.

This is a seasoned team; most have worked not only here in Haiti, but also in Romania, some for years. There are four doctors, so we have four stations with interpreters. They saw 380 patients yesterday, and 251 today. Not only does this team do medical, they have a photo machine to take pictures of each family – with John 3:16 printed on each photo – to give to them after they have gone through the clinic. Then after the photo is taken, they are directed to where they are fitted with clothes. I cannot tell you how happy it makes the Haitian people to receive their photo and clothes, plus the medical attention – what a blessing it is for everyone!

Please keep praying for us and also for the funds for the 2 young boys who need surgery. I am assured that the Lord will provide . . . He has never, ever failed us.

Haiti November 22, 2012
Haiti, Medical Update