I apologize for the delays in updates for our website, but it’s Haiti…sometimes the internet service works, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Monday, October 31 – We went to a village called KodeKris (Body of Christ), where the team held another medical clinic. They saw over a hundred people there that morning, and enjoyed playing with the kids and singing songs. Afterward we had lunch and then went to the market, where we bought rice, beans and oil for the people in Z’Orange who were hit hard by the floods from the hurricane. The team enjoyed seeing all the mules, donkeys, and horses, and the people selling their goods–beans, rice, oil, and all types of fresh vegetables. I always love to see the blacksmiths heating the picks and tools, and two men hammering them into shape. It is as if we go back over a hundred years in the United States.

Tuesday, November 1 – The team wanted to set up their last medical clinic, which was great because they saw another 50 or so people in the morning. Then they went on a walkabout and visited with the local people. Many of the children wanted to take the team members to their homes to show them where they live and introduce their families. Afterward they did an inventory of all the medications for the next team.

Wednesday, November 2 – Today is kind of a day of rest–just enjoying being in Haiti!

Haiti November 3, 2016
Haiti October 31, 2016