This morning some of us slept until about 8 a.m., and then we had breakfast. Our choices were cereal, grits, and poptarts with coffee, milk and juices; Ginette always takes good care of us. After breakfast Clint and I had a meeting with Pastor Do and family about the future of Z’Orange. It went really well; we all agree that if it is God’s will, this area will prosper. While we were in our meeting, Willa had Sunday school with the group. Afterward we went to church, and I preached on the characters of Jesus – love and forgiveness.

When church was finished, we had sandwiches for lunch and the medical team started breaking out all the meds to be packaged for the clinics they will have this week.

God is awesome, as always, to bring a team here safely from all parts of the United States to do His work. What an honor it is to work for The King!


Report from Clint

What a beautiful sunny morning we had today! Mrs. Willa led a great Sunday school lesson on the fruit of the Spirit, and we had a great worship service at Jerusalem I. Brother Chuck and I met with the Pastor and his family to discuss the school. In the afternoon we had a parent/teacher meeting to discuss the sponsorship program and the vision for the school. Unbelievably, we had around 150 parents show up! Several of the parents expressed their pleasure with how well school is going this year. The meeting went very well; Haitian parents love their kids as all parents do and want their children to prosper. We are all very excited about what God is going to do in this school. Thank you Father for this opportunity!

If you are interested in sponsoring a child for school, just go to our homepage at and click on Sponsor A Child for more information.

Haiti November 19, 2012
Haiti November 17, 2012